“Do you have dry, tight  or itchy skin?”

Relieve it with a Long-lasting Hydrating Moisturizer


Hydrating Skin Moisturizer - all natural treatment for dry problem skinHydrating Skin Moisturizer - all natural treatment for dry problem skin

“Do You Suffer from Super Dry or Sensitive Skin?”


Is your skin flaky, tight or itchy?

Is your skin rough, scaly and patchy looking?

Does your skin often have cracks?

You are not alone…


Millions of people suffer in silence with the pain and discomfort caused by extremely dry, tight or super itchy skin.
People with very dry skin have found that most ordinary lotions and moisturizers are greasy, sticky and worst yet…don’t provide relief, and if so not for long.
They continue to endure such skin conditions as: ichthyosis, eczema, psoriasis, and dry rashes.
They don’t want a lifetime of “itching and scratching” that can lead to cracked and inflamed skin and perhaps open wounds or tears prone to fungus and infection.
They think that only expensive prescription drugs, creams or lotions or petroleum can help.
Their troublesome dry skin problems go untreated.
They have given up hope and keep using the “old standby” over and over.


Fortunately, there is an answer to dry skin – use a hydrating skin moisturizer, loaded with humectants

“How can a hydrating moisturizer help  extremely dry skin?”

Caring for dry skin can be both simple and easy when you use a skincare product that contains both hydrating and moisturizing elements.
Definition: a hydrating moisturizer is a special type of skincare product that is designed to keep your skin soft and smooth and replenish the water loss.
Hydrating moisturizers have two essential elements: moisturizing components and hydrating components.
Moisturizing components are made to lubricate your skin.
Hydrating components help replace and replenish your skin’s natural moisture levels and keep it supple.
So instead of trying to combine a lot of different creams and lotions, you should use a single hydrating moisturizer like skin-lasting.
Skin-lasting is a hydrating moisturizer made from natural ingredients. A board certified dermatologist formulated skin-lasting for people with dry or sensitive skin conditions especially acne skin, as there are no oils in the formula.
If you are looking for a simple, natural product that can help alleviate  your dry, rough skin then look no further than skin-lasting.

hydrating moisturizer


One of the best natural moisturizers for dry skin




“The best moisturizer for dry skin is one that hydrates naturally”

It’s a fact that everyone’s skin needs to be hydrated and moisturized properly.
This is especially true, if your skin has become dry due to harsh medical treatments or sensitive due to aging or wind or sun damage.
Skin-lasting hydrates the deeper layers of your skin for more lasting hydration.
It is this dual action of hydrating and moisturizing that sooth dry itchy patches, helps repair cracks and tissue damage.
Skin-lasting is formulated to be:


  • Hypoallergenic, Non-Greasy
  • Contains Vitamin C & Antioxdants
  • Contains Natural Botanicals
  • No Perfumes, Parabens or Petroleum
  • Not Tested on Animals

“Does skin-lasting work on super dry skin?”

NOTE: We do not claim that skin-lasting will work on every skin condition because we aren’t healthcare professionals.

Yet skin-lasting has a solid track record of helping people with a variety of difficult skin conditions.

Imagine, if you could find relief from skin problems like:

  • Cracked, Extra Dry, Or Dry Patchy Skin
  • Sensitive, Hard-to-Heal Diabetic Skin
  • Red Patches From Eczema Suffers
  • Itching From Psoriasis Or Scars
  • Extremely Dry “Fish Scale” Or Ichthyosis Skin
  • Skin Problems Brought On By Aging
  • Fragile Skin from Chemo Therapy Or Radiation Treatments
  • Sore Skin Prone To Abrasions From Scratching
  • Skin Problems Due To Wheelchairs Or Being Bed Bound
  • Sunburned Skin, Burned scars
  • Wind or Chapped Due to Outdoor  & Cold Exposure, even lips

Hydrating Moisturizer - Dry Skin Before and After Skin-Lasting


Sometimes a dry skin problem is simply too severe to be treated at home and requires the attention of a medical professional.
 skin-lasting can help many conditions, tell your doctor about this product as many are referring their patients to use it.
Yes. skin-lasting really can help treat a wide variety of dry skin issues but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the reviews below:

Hydrating Moisturizer - proof



Hydrating Moisturizer - proof


We invite you to take a moment and see what other customers have to say about our products > Customer Reviews & Success Stories.



Hydrating Skin Moisturizer - Dry skin problems and psoriasis improvement



Skin-lasting is a wonderful hydrating skin moisturizer that has been successful working on most types of skin problems found on people from around the world.

Before you purchase some expensive skin treatment that may not do much or for long, we invite you to discover more about skinl-asting and how it can work for you:

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Hydrating Moisturizer – Skin-Lasting – a Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Why Skin-Lasting might be the best hydrating moisturizer for your extra dry skin

It’s Hypoallergenic · Contains Vitamin C & Antioxidants · Natural Botanicals · No Perfumes, Parabens or Petroleums

Skin-Lasting’s hydrating moisturizer is used to help chronic dry skin conditions such as eczema, ichthyosis, extra dry and scaling of the skin. We believe it best hydrating moisturizer for extremely dry skin as it contains all natural ingredients to re-hydrate and help repair dry, scaly skin.

Skin-Lasting was formulated by a board certified dermatologist to hydrate the deeper layers of your skin and to replenish water loss which leads to dehyradtion of the skin. It is this dual action of moisturizing that can soothe dry itchy patches, and helps restore healthy tissue on your skin.

Skin-Lasting is a simple, hydrating skin moisturizer that is light, non-greasy and easy to use –  just spray skin-lasting into the palm of your hands and gently wipe to apply to your skin. No need to rub.

As you now understand everyone’s skin needs to be kept properly hydrated and moisturized, especially if it is extremely dry or sensitive due to skin conditions, aging, or tissue damage. We invite you to learn more about skin-lasting here or go here to contact us if you have any questions or comments.