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Why US Skin Care Industry Should “Feel Rotten” About What They Do

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According to Well.org

“In 2006, a National Geographic reporter, David Ewing Duncan was tested for 320 chemicals to determine how many a Stockholm University researcher could find in his bloodstream.

Duncan scored higher than the mean average for five out of seven phthalates (a salt as plasticizers and in solvents) and worrying levels of mercury were found, both of which are sneaked into many skincare products and have been found to damage health significantly.”

So what does this mean for you?

You should be very, very careful what kind of skin care products you purchase and use. You should try to use only 100% natural skin products as possible.

U.S. Skin Care Toxin Levels Too High?

But if you live here in the US, “you might be much more exposed to these skin-damaging chemicals than the rest of the world—by over a thousand fold.”

So is your natural skincare product really made from 100% all natural ingredients?

As reported in Well.org, “Are you [really] safe because you only use “natural” products? Sadly, regulations allow companies to slip unnatural and nonorganic ingredients into their natural products without mentioning them on the label if the overall concentration is low enough.”

Only certain boutique skin care companies, such as Skin-Lasting, are the exception to this rule and have taken very careful steps to protect you against these toxic chemicals by using 100% all natural ingredients.


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