Skin-Lasting Customer Success Stories


skin-lasting has helped thousands of people just like you!

Here are just a few of the many wonderful letters and e-mails we have received from our customers.

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“The past couple of years, I noticed my skin had begun to change due to aging. I was experiencing unusual dryness and unwanted aging lines.

I began searching for all natural products with no fillers. I was fortunate enough to find an esthetician who uses products without adding preservatives or byproducts and thought I had all I needed.

When I was introduced to skin-lasting super hydrator, I was reluctant in using it. My skin had already shown so much improvement that I wasn’t sure I needed it.

I decided to give it a try anyway and found that it definitely enhanced the progress my skin had already made. Soft, soft, soft and I was amazed at how vibrant and healthy it made me look.

I hadn’t taken into account that in addition to using a good skincare program, I also needed hydration as well. Who knew? Thank you.” Regina, TN

“I can’t thank you enough for recommending skin-lasting for the old dry skin on my arms and legs.

I have played tennis outdoors three times a week for over 50 years and skin-lasting has turned my once scaly skin into something with obvious moisture. “Ronnie L., TX

“I first heard about skin-lasting after discovering my eczema red scaly patches on my back and arms would reoccur on my back and arms every winter.

After trying several expensive prescription creams from dermatologists and having little to no success, I was extremely frustrated.

I take good care of my body: I exercise daily, eat healthfully and drink tons of water.The first time I used skin-lasting my skin tingled so I knew it was working!

The spray is very light and I love that it’s odorless . After just a short time I realized a great effect of how incredibly moist and soft my skin has become.Living in Colorado is hard on skin due to the dry air year round.

Typically I had been using moisturizers each morning after my shower, yet by the afternoon my skin would be scaly and dry again.

I’m happy to say that I’ve been using skin-lasting daily on my entire body for approx 5 months now and not only is my skin moist all day and night and my eczema is entirely gone.” France, CO

“It worked really well when nothing else would. You should try it. It worked for me, it will work for you.”Amber
“Being a diabetic and a musician is doubly difficult for my hands. Using skin-lasting has been a relief and a comfort to me.

My skin is quite supple. Before the “gig” and washing my hands, I apply the product and I am good for the session, and without static electricity.” Tony K., Asheville NC

“I love Skin-Lasting’s moisturizer because I noticed an immediate difference in my skin texture.

I have always taken good care of my skin as I have a background in natural cosmetics and have used everything in the market at least once!

Trying Skin-Lasting will make you a believer! My face and body skin is moist, fresh, and glowing. I could not do without it!” Carol C., TX

“Dry skin on my hands and fingers caused me to nearly drop a $7,000 violin that a friend handed me.

I reached for its neck, and the smooth finish caused it to go right through my fingers. Only by luck did I manage to grab it with my other hand before it hit the floor.

Now, that I use skin-lasting hydrator, my hands don’t get dry like that and since skin-lasting doesn’t have any oil in it, the whole fiddle is cleaner. skin-lasting is the first thing I do at any gig.” Doc P., Denver, CO

“I am a cancer survivor. I survived my treatments; chemo, radiation and then surgery.

I ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and she said, “Oh my gosh, you look fabulous. Did you have a face lift? Really! You look beautiful!”

Of course, I told her, “No, I use skin-lasting!”Annie M., CO

“I have been using Skinlasting for two months now and am thrilled with the results.

I have made my own ointment for years but this product works as well without any staining of my clothing. My skin is more moist and softer than ever.”Alan O., NC

“All my life, I have had dry skin problems. I have been using skin-lasting many years and it is the only product I recommended to family and friends.

During radiation from breast cancer, I used it on my breast and brought back some lost confidence. I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin.”Elaine C., TX

“Skin-Lasting is the best product I have ever used for myface and body. I originally used it for reducing the wrinkles that were growing on my face.

Not only did they fade, but the texture of my skin was soft, hydrated and radiant. Compliments are still coming from my friends.

I also had some skin irritations, and a rash under my arm. Both had immediate reduction is size and irritation level.

I even used it on my stretch marks with a noticeable difference in color and density. this product is amazing, affordable and easy to use. Love it.”Gail P., NC

“This is the best skincare product I’ve ever used! I use it on my face AND in my hair!

One of my daughters has very coarse, dry hair, and skin-lasting softens it like nothing else. When I have occasional acne outbreaks due to hormone fluctuations, skin-lasting helps my skin to recover faster and stay clearer longer.

Clear skin and soft hair? It doesn’t get much better than that. I will use this product as long as it’s available!” I.C. Jackson, MI

“I am a giant fan of Skin-Lasting and have been for the last couple of years. My face is oily and the rest of my body is dry.

A few months ago, I noticed that my bottle wasn’t lasting as long. Come to find out, my husband saw it on the counter and was using it on his elbows and forearms.

He has had lots of trouble with dry, red, scaly skin. He had been using for about a week and He had been using it for about a week and the tone and texture of his skin was visibly different, the difference was awesome!

And as a plus, he isn’t wearing out the elbows of his shirts anymore!” Hannah N., NC

You can use skin-lasting to treat hot spots on dogs! The all-natural, botanical, hypoallergenic formula is just as safe for animal skin as it is for humans.

And skin-lasting provides healthy, lasting relief for dogs’ hot spots by relieving symptoms and conditioning skin so that it can repair itself faster even with open lesions.


“I have always had dry skin but more so lately as I am living with a liver disease. I currently take medicine that only tends to dehydrate my skin even more.

I have used so many products thru the years of which none made a significant difference to replenish and hydrate my skin. That is, until I was introduced to Skin Lasting. The small sample I was given did more for me than all the large bottles of the others put together. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from medical conditions that tend to leave your skin dry and flaky or suffer from edema.” Randy L, TN


“I have always had dry sensitive skin and as I have gotten older it has gotten worse and badly in need of hydration. Having said that, I must also confess that I have always hated oily, greasy products and I could never really get used to the sticky residue that they left behind.

In addition, oils and creams seemed to either sit on top of my skin or evaporate leaving me back where I started. skin-lasting applied to damp skin spreads easily, has no noticeable gloppy residue.

My skin is soft and supple and it has replaced not only the lotions I used on my body but also the expensive creams I used on my face. Makeup can be applied directly on top of the skin-lasting with smooth even results.” I am signing this: a dedicated fan. Suzanne R. VA


“I love this product. It goes on so easiy and makes my skin silky. This revolutionary product is one that makes you wonder what has taken so long to create!” MLS, NY


“I really like this product. I have such dry thin skin that it really is the most wonderful product I have tried. Skin-Lasting is also compatible with other products I use.”

Cindie B., TX


“I recently had surgery on my leg which left a substantial scar. This area of the skin was very sensitive to the touch and the skin in and around the scar was very dry which felt like it was pulling my skin..

All I had to do was spray the area with skin-Lasting without having to rub it in, just a quick spray! This moisturized the area within a minute and the dryness and pulling of the skin disappeared.” Thank you for this terrific product.  Marci S., NY Singing and Performance Coach


“For over 45 years I put moisturizers with heavy mineral and oil bases on my face that clogged my pores. Then I found skin-lasting. It has the consistency of water, goes on light and refreshing and is immediately absorbed into my skin without clogging my pores. I love how my face feels and looks all day.” Victoria, TX


“I have a dry cleaning business and my hands are in chemicals all day. Sometimes my hands bleed, are cracked, sore and have scars due to the dryness. I have used every kind of moisturizer my wife brings home. One day I tried Skin-Lasting and within one week my hands were good again. This is a wonderful product.”

Tran N., TX


“Skin-Lasting is the only product that will quench my parched/sun damaged skin. Its moisturizing properties are great for the driest, coldest weather and harsh climates. It’s perfect for travel because you only need one product to nourish all parts of your face and body. I also use it as a light moisturizing spray on my face within after applying makeup. This is one hardy product that no one should be without.”

Ginger M., TX


“As a top celebrity hands and body parts model in Hollywood, I use skin-lasting before I go on camera. This incredible formulation gently exfoliates, penetrates deeply, and helps hold moisture in my skin; especially in my hands, neck, and face where many women show their age.

I can’t tell you how many [people comment on how youthful and flawless my skin looks now. I plan to reveal this incredible anti-aging secret in the next printing of my Hollywood Beauty Secrets book.”

Louisa M., CA


“Thanks for sharing your wonderful product! As an International flight attendant for 40 years, I know dry skin. Your skin-lasting Super Hydrator is a God-send to anyone concerned with maintaining moisture in the most challenging environments. I apply a very small amount onto a clean face right after cooling splash of water in the morning.

After that, make-up just glides on and stays in place for hours. Thanks again for a great product that is so packed with pure, natural ingredients. It keeps my skin looking soft and moist at sea level or at 35,000 feet!” Judith B., PA


“I am not much for pampering myself, but when I do it’s only natural products. A couple of sprays in each hand applied to my legs and arms make my skin so nice and soft. My skin is changing as I go through menopause and skin-lasting is really making a difference.” Heidi C., NC


“I’ve had dry skin most of my adult life especially on my legs that have kept me awake at night. I found by applying skin-lasting before I go to bed, has completely eliminated the problem. My hands can crack and be sore in the winter and that too is gone. I have tried almost every skin product on the market (Cetaphil, Lubriderm, etc.) with limited success. I highly recommend skin-lasting.” Wes D., IL


“We are glad to be stocking Skin-Lasting on our shelves. We truly believe that this product enhances our pharmacy practice. We are a Compounding Pharmacy. Skin-Lasting is a great addition to our over-the-counter products and fits in perfectly.” James C., R.Ph., TX


“I have used skin-lasting for over a year now and can’t live without it. Not only do I use it on my face but all over my body instead of lotion. Living in Colorado is not friendly to your skin, but skin-lasting sure is. My husband uses it on his bald head. It is the only thing that we have found that keeps it from being flakey & dry. Thank you.” Mariana J, CO


“I like it, it’s different but doesn’t irritate my face like everything else. When I get stressed, and this time of year when it’s dry I get reddish, flaky, seborrhea-like spots. I think the skin-lasting has helped some with that.” Cherie R., CA