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Skin Care Industry Brainwashing: Why Some People Don’t Understand How skin-lasting Works

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As the skin-lasting product began to gain popularity we noticed something strange; a number of people do not reorder.  Those who do are giving us amazing testimonies – stories about how skin-lasting has changed their lives. So, these rave reviews raised the question, why are some customers just “one-timers”?   One thing to keep in mind, when a product is hit-or miss, the range of satisfied to dissatisfied customers is never so drastic. Either skin-lasting works or it doesn’t.  Our dermatologist created, clinically-tested formula wouldn’t be a miracle for some and a snake oil for others. So, we decided to learn more about the problem.

And learn we did!

By interviewing customers who did not reorder, we learned about some common misperceptions.   These customers were confused about how a thin liquid could possibly replace the thick, heavy creams they had used for years (you know the ones).  Because skin-lasting isn’t heavy and oily, or thick and creamy, these first-time purchasers didn’t believe it could work. The power of perceptions…

Wow!  That’s when we realized it.  We had to do more than provide great skin care products.  We had to become educators to our customers and trainers to our resellers.


What “They” Want You To Believe

The beauty powers-that-be are at the top of the food chain because they know how to provide products that work well enough.  Their potions give you results, but only if you keep using them all the time, and then they run out fast. There is nothing dishonest about the need for continued use; however, when you stack the deck in such a way where consumers become unnecessarily dependent upon your product, it’s misleading and unfair.  And the truth is, most moisturizers on the market today aren’t delivering what they promise in a truly fair way. Oil, lanolin, or petroleum-based face or body creams only slick down dead skin follicles to give the appearance of being moisturized. That’s why as soon as the heavy oils thin out (evaporate) out to a point they can no longer weigh down the skin and your skin dries out  again and curls up, often after only a couple of hours . So you have to slather more on your skin with the same temporary results.

It makes this process like running on a hamster wheel.  These heavy-on-your skin products do not really improve the condition of your skin, because they can’t.  These products are at best masqueraders; and their creamy bases containing these oils comfort your skin during application, but they are not nourishingyour skin as you may want to believe.


The Truth: Hydration vs. Lubrication

The truth of the matter is that oils can only lubricate; whether in a car or on your leg.  Oil lubricates, period.  Lubrication is good for many things, but improving the condition of your skin over time is not one of them.   However, routine hydration can improve your skin!

As health conscious activists and industries become more mainstream, more people realize that internal hydration is essential to optimal health. We drink lots and lots of water to keep our inside healthy, but we often neglect the outside in the process! The skin is the largest organ of the human body; if all of the other organs need water hydration to function properly, why would the skin be an different? It isn’t! Hydration is just as important outside as it is inside, and  skin-lasting is a skin hydrator.

Hydrating skin at the source of dryness with a product such as skin-lasting delivers moisture into the skin where it’s needed allowing the humectants to soak in to effectively retain the skin’s moisture.   skin-lasting hydrates your skin, unlike creams that just coat your skin.

skin-lasting is particularly effective in providing relief for a variety of dry skin maladies like eczemapsoriasisichthyosis, and dry severe dry skin, dandruff-like skin, as well as oily skin. How can skin-lasting help oily skin? By properly hydrating it so that it doesn’t produce excess oil to make up the difference.


Here’s the take-away point:  Hydration is of utmost importance for your skin, and thick oils just can’t do that for you.