The hormone HCG is produced by pregnant women, most of whom do not lose weight. This is because pregnant women usually eat higher calorie diets that include various fats and oils. However, some women actually lose weight when they are pregnant! This is believed to be due to a reduction in caloric intake and a removal of oils from the diet.

If a pregnant woman were to experience a famine or begin to starve, her body would react by burning excess fat to keep the baby alive. HCG is the chemical that tells a woman’s body to burn fat so that the fetus living inside her can receive energy and nutrients. This signal can be replicated in a person taking HCG, but ONLY under certain extreme circumstances, namely the absence of calories and fats in the diet.

Because HCG tells the body to burn fat in the absence of fat, NO FATS OR OILS can be consumed or even used on the skin during the HCG diet. This diet is EXTREMELY sensitive, so if you cheat, your results WILL stop. But how do you live without ANY oils? No lotion, conditioner, make-up, or even lip balm is allowed! Furthermore, finding an oil-free moisturizer that you can use on your whole body (including your face) can be a chore, PLUS for the little that you get it can actually be very expensive. There is sometimes a catch that is used. Oil free does not mean fat free also. Watch your labels. This means no lanolin, shea butter, olive oil, coconut butter, goats milk uses whole milk with the fat to name a few.

2bottlesThere is a cost-effective, hypoallergenic, all natural solution for ALL skin types with NO OIL or FAT used – it’s called skin-lasting. It’s different because it is a spray and penetrates to the deepest layers to hydrate. Feel the difference. Nice and light, yet softens your skin while providing long lasting hydration. Either formula is well suited for people on the HcG diet.

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success story

“Recently I participated in the HCG protocol and part of the requirement is to avoid skin products containing any oil, which limits the possibilities! So I discontinued everything and found Skin-lasting, an all-over body product which sprays on and contains no oils whatsoever. I discovered that I really don’t NEED any other product as Skin-lasting was far more effective for my dry skin than anything else. So I’ve continued to use it exclusively and have found no need to add back in any other product.”

Nancy Wesson,TX