Frequently Asked Questions about

Skin-Lasting Hydrating Moisturizer


Are there any known allergens in this moisturizer?

Generally, no. However, it is a well known fact that some individuals are allergic to certain foods, pollens, drugs, or cosmetics no matter how natural or hypoallergenic they are.


If it softens my skin, will it soften my hair?

Yes. It has a tendency to soften hair on the legs, face, and arms, especially in African-American skin types. skin-lasting can also be used to curb ingrown facial hair.


Is there a time NOT to use skin-lasting?

Yes. Immediately following a deep exfoliation, or any adverse reaction to the product. Ask your doctor for advice.


Why is there sometimes a “tingly-sensation” when I use skin-lasting?

If you have just shaved or scrubbed your skin it may tingle for a few seconds. Occasionally, you may experience tingling when your skin is extremely dry. Generally, this doesn’t last long. This is also due to the vitamin C and lactic acid used in the product. If the tingling persists, rinse with cool water. For next application, apply to wet hands to dilute skin-lasting and then apply to damp skin.

Is it wise to use while undergoing chemo-therapy?

There are many different kinds of chemo-therapy, and reactions to them.  It is best not to use skin-lasting on the face where there is any redness. We know of no body-use problems with any of our many chemo therapy users.


If my skin is red or broken out, should I use skin-lasting?

Try a sample on small area first. We have found in many cases, either the Super or Sensitive formula has been known to calm the irritated skin.


Which of your two products should I use?

They both work well on most all skin types. The Sensitive formula is for skin types that are more sensitive, fragile, pr prone to allergies. Also good for individuals who want additional botanicals and antioxidants.


When should I see a difference?

Initially, in 1-2 days. The second noticeable change could be in approximately one week after that. Consult a physician if ANY of your skin symptoms persist or worsen.


Why is my skin is so shiny when I use skin-lasting?

You are using too much product. Use less and spray onto your hands to apply on damp skin. The exception is to spray your back.


How long has skin-lasting been on the market?

For many years it was sold in compounding pharmacies as a prescription. We made it available over the counter in early 2003, changing the name to skin-lasting in 2005 and enhancing the formula in 2008.


If I have oily and acne skin, can I use skin-lasting?

Yes, even oily and acne skin can be dehydrated on the surface. The product is light, no oils and does not cause a problem with oily or acne skin. Remember, a little goes a long way.Spray skin-lasting onto your  clean hands and apply to damp skin for best results. Skin-lasting does not clog the pores.


Is skin-lasting safe for use on my pets?

Yes, domestic animals often suffer from dry patchy areas, and hot spots. You can apply skin-lasting to their skin and coat after you have thoroughly cleaned the entire affected area. Note that the area may tingle for a few seconds if open lesions are present.