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Dry Winter Skin – The causes and how to heal your dry skin

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“What to do for Dry Skin during the Winter?”

dry winter skin


This is the time of year when dry winter skin problems can start to drive you crazy.

Do you have the sort of dry, itchy skin that makes you feel like you’re infested with tiny, biting bugs?

Or do you get dry flakey patches that keep you awake at night and miserably raking your nails across your skin until it’s raw?

You’re not alone. Dry skin is a very common problem and can affect anyone at any age.

However, the winter season is worst time of the year for anyone who is prone to suffering with dry skin issues.

If you have moderate to severe dry skin and hate the added misery of winter-time skin problems then this post can help you.

Interested? Then let’s get to the good stuff. This post is broken into two pieces:

  • The causes of dry skin in the winter
  • And what you can do at home to treat it

What is dry skin?

Dry skin occurs when your skin loses too much water AND too much oil. Basically skin owes its soft, pliable exterior to its water content.

Water gives your skin it’s plump and supple texture while the skin’s oils or lipids act as a natural barrier to seal in the moisture and protect the skin’s surface.

What causes dry skin in the winter?

Well according to the self-help website MedlinePlus.gov here are some of the most common symptoms of dry winter skin:

  • Itching, Scaling, flaking, or peeling skin
  • Skin that feels rough or scaly
  • Skin tightness, especially after bathing
  • Cracks or breaks in the skin that may bleed or ooze

You can get dry skin anywhere on your body especially on your back, feet, arms, and lower legs.

But in winter time dry skin is the most noticeable on your face and hands. This is because these are the parts of your body that are exposed the most to the elements.

Plus dry winter skin can quickly lead to painful chilblains, cracks and itching.

Dry skin is such a big issue in the winter months because of 3 inter-related factors…

(1) Winter Winds & Wind Chills

Winter winds can easily cause skin damage due to phenomenon called wind chill factors. “Wind Chill is the temperature it ‘feels like’ outside and is based on the rate of heat loss from your skin that exposed to blowing winds.

Not only can a brisk wind chill cause frostbite or hyperthermia, it can also quickly dry out any exposed skin surfaces causing chilblains.  Chilblains can cause intensive itching, red patches, swelling and blistering on your hands and face.

(2) Too Many Hot Showers

One of the biggest problems of winter time weather is… well the COLD. Naturally the cold propels us into taking as many hot showers and baths as we can squeeze into our day.

After all hot water feels GREAT if you have been outside in cold, windy weather. So we leap in the shower and scrub down with the mistaken idea that scrubbing hard stirs up our blood flows and getting us warmer faster.

But in winter with its low humidity, taking too many hot baths or showers and scrubbing the skin too hard can effectively wash away our skin’s protective oils – leaving our skin dehydrated and dry.

(3) Using the Wrong Skin Care Products

Another hidden skin drying element is the soaps and skin lotions we use. Most modern skin care products and soaps contain harsh chemicals like alcohols, man-made fragrances or colorings that can strip away your skin’s natural oils and dry it out.

How to Treat and Cure Dry Winter Skin

The best way to ease dry skin is by replacing the moisture in your skin. This is usually done in several different ways. Below are three of the most common dry skin fixes.

Dry Winter Skin Fix Number 1: Drink more water.

Your skin needs water in order to maintain its soft and supple texture, which means in winter you should drink more fluids, especially water.

Dry Winter Skin Fix Number 2: Bath only once a day with warm water.

Yes, we know for some of you this seems like blaspheme.

But taking too many hot baths or showers using harsh soaps and hard scrubbing will breakdown your skin’s protective moisture barriers.

And once your skin’s natural oils are washed away, while you will feel squeaky clean, your skin will also be drier and more dehydrated than ever.

Dry Winter Skin Fix Number 3: Use a Hydrating Skin Moisturizer

Moisturizing products are designed to lock in the water on the surface of your skin which makes your skin feel soft and smooth.

But also you need to restore and replenish your skin’s natural moisture levels in order keep it staying supple.

Often people use a variety of both moisturizers AND hydrating products in order to get the relief they need.

But caring for your problem skin is simple and easy if you use a product that contains both hydrating and moisturizing elements…a total-care product or hydrating moisturizer.

How does a hydrating moisturizer work?

Basically a good hydrating moisturizer is an especially made skincare product that does two things:

  1. Uses a hydrating formula to increase the water content in your skin (to keep it plump and pliable)
  2. While at the same time using a moisturizer to seal in the moisture (and prevent the water content of your skin from evaporating too fast)

Skin-Lasting is a wonderful blend of natural ingredients that have been formulated by a certified dermatologist to be both hydrating and moisturizing.

If you are looking for a simple way to fix your problem skin using a natural product that will save you thousands in skin treatment bills then look no further than Skin-Lasting.

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