Chlorine Removal Shower Heads & Filters for Dry Skin

Do you want healthier skin and hair?

Did you know that harmful chlorine is absorbed by your skin every day?

Our skin is like a large sponge, and absorbs as much chlorine
during a shower as drinking 64 oz of water. The chlorine in
water attacks the cell wall and proteins within the cell, resulting
in dry, irritated skin and dry, frizzy hair. Chlorine washes out
color treatments, and fades or colors even healthy hair. Install
a Shower Filter Head today and, in combination with
skin-lasting® hydrator, cultivate ageless skin and healthy shiny hair.

Why remove chlorine in the shower

I had heard that chlorine removal shower heads would make a
huge difference for my skin and hair, and I knew that there was
chlorine in my city water. I just didn’t believe it would make that
big a difference. WOW! Was I ever wrong! In just one shower,
I could feel a dramatic difference in my skin and hair. I should
have gotten this chlorine removal shower head years ago. Shower the way nature intended.
It’s the perfect partner with skin-lasting®.

Find out about your local municipal water!

Now available from the same people
who bring you skin-lasting

Chlorine Removal Shower Head

  Chlorine Removal Replacement Filters

Removes up to 99% of harmful chlorine*
Prevents discoloration of gray and color-treated hair
5 spray settings for personal comfort
Self cleaning

*Exceeds National Safety Foundation standards for chlorine removal NSF standard 177

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