Athletes Skin Moisturizer

The world of the athlete can be filled with skin problems. Golfers, rock climbers, boaters, hikers, bicyclists, motorcycle riders, swimmers, softball and racquetball players and participants in dozens of other indoor and outdoor sports are exposed to sunburn, windburn, heat, cold conditioned-air and other elements, all of which dry and damage the skin, and can cause it to itch. In addition, most athletes take frequent showers, so exposure of the skin to chlorine can happen multiple times every day. See our suggestion on chlorine removal shower filters too.

skin-lasting hydrator, with its select group of botanicals with their calming, healing and moisturizing properties, can ease the skin’s itching and discomfort by hydrating and softening the skin after sports-related activities. skin-lasting® is a light-feeling, natural, and free of oil and grease, so sports equipment is free of residual oil and not greasy. Bikram yoga lovers LOVE skin-lasting because it’s a light moisturizer and not greasy!

We suggest using a sunscreen when exposed to the sun.


success stories


“I can’t thank you enough for recommending skin-lasting for the old dry skin on my arms and legs. I have played tennis outdoors three times a week for over 50 years and skin-lasting has turned my once scaly skin into something with obvious moisture.”

Ronnie L., TX


“I am a runner and tennis player and skin-lasting does not leave my skin greasy like most lotions. It does not clog my pores either. Instead, it soaks into my skin and makes it feel smooth and soft. It also heals areas where I once had flaky, dry skin patches.” J’Mel B., TX