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Susie takes time to educate a client on the origins of skin-lasting, how it was formulated for severe acne sufferers, and how it works to hydrate skin deeply and naturally without oils.

Learn how to use skin-lasting to deeply moisturize skin, especially if you are on the hCG Diet, have diabetes, or have a skin condition that makes your skin unusually dry or oily.

Customer testimonial about how their whole family uses skin-lasting to hydrate and moisturize their skin.

Watch and learn as Susie explains what skin-lasting is made of and why it is the best oil-free dry skin moisturizer.

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“I wanted to try something for my dry, flaky skin. skin-lasting was recommended so I used it. After several uses, I noticed my legs were shiny. Something a man doesn’t want. I called the company and found out I was using way too much. What a relief! Since using it properly, I can’t be happier.” Mike F.,CO

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