In addition to its health promoting properties for those with medical skin conditions, skin-lasting has been featured as a popular and helpful solution for common dry skin frequently experience by those who work with their hands. Recently skin-lasting hydrator, with its newly added group of botanicals with their healing and moisturizing properties, can ease the skin’s itching and discomfort by hy was featured in Threads magazine, for fiber artists and crafters; Potters, glass crafters, musicians and other artists have reported positive results.

It’s hard to “knit-one, pearl-two,” or do intricate crochet or quilting work with hands that are dry, chapped and possibly cracked from exposure to the environment or daily chores. Dried-out hands can be restored to healthy levels of moisturization and softness with a dermatologist-created spray product.

Skin-lasting replaces moisture lost in daily activities, and hours of handling yarn and fabrics. Hands and fingers that have a higher level of moisture make it easier to perform all the functions needed to create beautifully knit items or quilts and other needlework. Smearing on a greasy hand cream is potentially damaging to the sewing or knitting project and no one wants to transfer grease stains onto their work. skin-lasting sprays on and is quickly absorbed by the skin to restore high moisture levels.